Upcoming Board Elections

CMedia Labs is seeking new board members to help lead us into the future. “Join us in promoting media literacy and technological savvy in our region,” invites CMedia Labs board treasurer Marlowe Allenbright. CMedia Labs board seeks applications from community members interested in becoming a part of this award-winning nonprofit  organization as it moves into the future.

How To's

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How To Protect Your Videos On YouTube

Concerned about your copyright on YouTube? You should be. As indie filmmaking guru UglyMcGregor points out in the video below, “We live in a world where it’s almost impossible to control what happens to our content once we publish it online.” But you do have some options on how to protect your videos on YouTube

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Camp Windsor

Robyn Kasper Wins Award for Camp Windsor Documentary

On March 22, CMedia producer and board alum Robyn Kasper was awarded the Jack Taylor Media Award by the Sonoma County Historical Society for her fascinating documentary Camp Windsor at a ceremony at the Flamingo Hotel and Conference Center in Santa Rosa. The film explores a little known chapter of both local and global history — the